Massage is a vehicle that helps the body to start to heal itself and promotes physical and mental well being. We offer many types of massage, that are sure to meet your needs.

Traditional Massage

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue – trigger points and deep pressure are utilized in strokes to release problem areas.

Sports – incorporates specific stretches and expert knowledge of yoga to provide muscle release.

Prenatal – Teresa, a mother of three, knows first hand what areas become tight and achy in pregnancy. Her experience as a mother and massage therapist allows her to understand problem areas and use the proper strokes to soothe any pain or discomfort. Also, at 38 weeks, she can induce certain trigger points to aid the onset of childbirth.

LaStone Therapy (Use of Hot & Cold Stones)

LaStone Therapy LaStone challenges the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which will reduce inflammation and congestion in body fluids. This is due to the practice of alternating various temperatures of the stones to the body; resulting in a chemical response. This is a “vascular gymnastics” which assists the body in self-healing.

Chakra balancing, energy work, toning with crystals and the stones blended with the science of thermal therapy, benefits the client beyond measure. LaStone administers these principles with unerring elegance.

Wondering how LaStone Therapy works? Read more here to find out.
If you prefer just Hot Stone therapy rather than LaStone, feel free to ask.


AshiatsuAshiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (AOBT) is a barefoot massage technique using deep strokes utilizing the therapists’ feet. It is a western version of an ancient form of bodywork, with roots dating back thousands of years from cultures across Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim.

Is Ashiatsu a new massage modality to you? Click here to learn more and to view photos.


A combination of compressive techniques and passive stretches. These movements are an expression of traditional thai massage and have been modified for use of over head bars. The technique is performed fully clothed without any oils or cream.

  • Are you interested in this modality, but unsure of what it is or if it is right for you? Watch these videos to get a better idea.


From years of being a therapist and learning several different modalities, Teresa realizes that some clients could use a little of each modality within one session. She decided to creatively blend the therapies she’s been trained in to customize a massage for each client’s particular needs. These therapies include, but are not limited to, Deep Tissue, Sports, Ashiatsu and the use of Hot/Cold Stone stones.


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Benefits of Massage

    Benefits of a Traditional Massage:


  • Sets up the conditions for the body to heal itself
  • Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscle
  • Overcomes harmful “fatigue” products
    resulting from strenuous exercise or injury
  • Improves digestion and elimination
  • Acts as a “mechanical cleanser,” stimulating
    the lymph and hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic debris


    Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage


  • Increases the ability to stretch collagen fibers
  • Decreases chronic joint stiffness


    Physiological Effects of Heat:


  • Increases body temperature
  • Increases pulse rate
  • Increases respiration rate
  • Increases oxygen consumption and metabolic rate
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Increases excretion from kidneys
  • Therapeutic effects lasts longer than a traditional massage.