Sirrine Studio has been highlighted via multiple outlets: Scoop Factory, ABC15 Sonoran Living, Desert Living Today, and more. Browse through the press opportunities we’ve been given below to find out more about us, the events we’re apart of, and our studio’s vision.

Soothe Cranky Infants & Toddlers with Massage Classes on Sonoran Living ABC15

Teresa demonstrates a massage story, which is great for soothing, calming, and connecting with your children. Whether you have an infant or toddler, massage stories can help with tummy time or help to soothe your child at nap or bedtime. Teresa informs parents that there are infant massage classes to teach parents how to use massage techniques that can help with childhood issues such as teething, digestion, constipation, and even colic.

Pressure Points to Relieve Sinus and Tension Headaches on Sonoran Living ABC15

Teresa has been a licensed massage therapist since 1999 and has specialized in many types of massage. These are simple pressure points that Teresa does with all her massage clients. These are easy to use to help with sinus and tension headaches. These are good to know when you feel a sinus or stress headache coming on!

3 Yoga Poses to De-stress and Energize on Sonoran Living ABC15

We all know what it is like to hit that wall of physical and mental exhaustion and not know what to do next. These three poses will help you to de-stress, energize, and calm your mind while taking you into a version of savasana. These three poses will help to release your low back, hamstrings, and inner thighs. Elevating your legs above your heart will help to bring blood flow back towards your heart and energize you. These three poses are taken from Teresa’s “15 minutes Against the Wall” yoga on-line video. Being a working mother of three, I know all about hitting that wall of exhaustion and I know how helpful, and easy, these poses are!

These three poses were featured on a segment of ABC15’s Sonoran Living Live in Phoenix, AZ!

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