Yoga & Pilates

I have been taking yoga from Teresa for about 2 years. I lived in California for several years and tried 1/2 a dozen different yoga instructors, Teresa is far and away the best instructor I’ve had! Her class has a great flow, just a enough calming poses balanced with poses/sun salutations to get your heart rate going. I love her energy and the music she uses. Music choice is a big deal to me for anywork out routine! I run on a regular basis and sit at a computer for 8 plus hours a day. I notice yoga helps me with running as it strengthens and stretches where I need. When I skip yoga, I notice a difference in how sitting all day takes more of a toll on my body. Above all, I look forward to yoga as a time to have quiet, meditation…clear my mind. It’s a spiritual experience for me as well as a physical workout!

Rebecca, age 33

I have been practicing yoga for almost a year, primarily with Teresa. Teresa has been the best yoga instructor I have had. She is always ready to help and always excited to teach her class. Her energy has kept me coming back. After years of playing sports, I was left with shoulder, back and neck problems. After encouragement from my girlfriend, I signed up for a yoga class. After a few classes I was sleeping better and my shoulder, back, and neck problems had nearly vanished. Also, I was able to get stronger and perform better in my pick-up football games. Because of these improvements I have stuck with practicing yoga on a consistent basis and plan on doing so for as long as possible.


Yoga in a funny way helped me find my way on a personal level and helped me with my overall way of looking at life. When I met Teresa I was just getting into what yoga was all about and was trying to find an instructor that was fun and kept my attention during a class. I was used to more of the upbeat, fast tempo classes such as step or dance type classes. Once I started Teresa’s classes I started to understand the poses and the movement a lot more. Teresa taught me how to concentrate on certain parts of my body during each pose and what the benefit of the pose was. I really started to understand how it all went together and what a great all over body work out it really was. I just fell in love with yoga and started to go to different studios, as well as still attending Teresa’s class, just to see what else was out there as well as different types of yoga. Overall though, Teresa taught me all the fundamentals of yoga so that I could attend other classes and feel comfortable trying things out. Yoga overall gave more definition all over, increased my flexibility a lot and just made me feel good all over. Not only was my body showing a difference from practicing but my mind became more calm and balanced. I’m very sad to say right now I’m in nursing school and I don’t have a much time to practice yoga as much as I would like but keeping in touch with Teresa and be able to talk to her about things has inspired me to get my certification for yoga. When I finish the nursing program I will get my yoga certification and hopefully one day help Teresa on her road to happiness teaching yoga and doing what she loves!!!

Tatum, age 34

After personal training with Teresa since February of 2005 , I consider Pilates and yoga to be a gift to my mind and body! I am a woman in my fifties, who after some health issues, decided I needed to take control of how I felt and where I wanted to be physically in my life. Looking back, I almost laugh at the lack of balance and core strength that I had. Teresa’s expertise in yoga and Pilates has not only provided proper instruction but encouragement and persistence that has paid big dividends. Dropped inches, toned body, and a clear alert mind have been (to my delight) the benefits. My positive experience far exceeds the expectations I had when I began – mid life definitely doesn’t have to mean out of shape and frumpy!

Kris, 50’s

Yoga is FABULOUS! I am new to this amazing technique of being not only physically fit but mentally and even emotionally well also. I have a yoga DVD that I was doing at home early last year and I immediately noticed how more relaxed I felt after doing the routine. When I joined LA Fitness in September I decided to brave a Friday morning yoga class. I’ve been attending Teresa’s class ever since. I work hard doing strength training and cardio Monday through Thursday then look forward to stretching it all out with Teresa on Friday mornings. By then I usually have some tight or sore muscles and she always helps work all that out. I really enjoy her class. She does a great job of explaining each pose, reminding us to breath, checking to make sure we’re doing it correctly (even in a huge class!) and I enjoy the music as well. I leave not only feeling more centered and relaxed but also stronger, more empowered woman! I will continue to attend her class and plan on making yoga a life-long part of my fitness routine!”

Ali Hall, age 29


As a dentist, I not only perform intricate procedures with my hands, but also position my body in ways that creates muscle tension and pain in my neck and back. I have been receiving chiropractic care since 2005 and began incorporating massage therapy with Teresa into my wellness routine since November of 2008. What a difference it has made! The massages I receive every 2 weeks really help relax my entire body, especially my neck, back, and shoulders. Teresa is extremely knowlegeable and incorporates various techinques into the massage, depending on what she detects my body needs at each session. By using the hot stones, she allows the heat to deeply penetrate tight and aching muscles for longer lasting relief. She has also taught me multiple streches and exercises to relieve tension and prevent repetitive motion injuries. She is a wonderful therapist who is truly committed to teaching us how to improve our health.

Dr. King, age 35

Since March of 2008, I started receiving massage therapy from Teresa to control reoccurring back pain. I have had tremendous improvement with regular visits to Teresa and can say that I am pain free 99% of the time! The deep tissue massage keeps my muscles relaxed and pain free until my next appointment. I appreciate that Teresa works with me to find the right techniques and pressure to meet my needs while still making the massage a serene and relaxing experience. She is very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her clients. The benefits of her massages extend into my day-to-day wellness because she also helps me to understand what’s going on with my muscles and joints and to identify habits potentially causing aches and knots. I am so grateful to Teresa for helping me find that balance in my life to stay active while teaching me better habits to care for my body.

Keri, 32

Teresa is a wonderful Massage Therapist and I have been receiving treatments from her since November. 1999. She is not only is concerned about whether the massage make you feel good but your health as well. I was having trouble with my right arm from removing staples from job packets at work. I mean thousands of job packets so that they could be scanned into the computer. My are was so sore that it throbbed at night, and I couldn’t sleep. After a few sessions of massage she was able to relieve that pain that I was having, and now I am back to normal. She is also really great at taking the pain out of your neck and shoulders. If we would just do what she tell us, we would be much better off.


Infant Massage

Just have to tell you that Karalynn is getting 6 teeth at the moment and I brought out my infant massage notebook and did the teething protocol. She finally stopped screaming, I was able to nurse(she’s been screaming through it even though she asks for milk), and she is sleeping. Hooray! Thanks for the tools!


I LOVED the Infant Massage Class! It was so wonderful to learn these extremely helpful techniques that can not only comfort my baby, but provide an additional way to bond with her. For me, the most helpful have been the techniques for digestive issues. My 12 week old, very healthy and happy baby was experiencing some constipation so I tried the techniques on her and received almost immediate results! Even my husband was so surprised at how quickly the massage provided results! I would definitely recommend this class to ALL moms with new babies.


The infant massage class was a blast and something that I am so thankful to have gone to with my daughter. The information learned was amazing and so helpful. I love being able to apply the techniques that I learned in class with my daughter at home. We both enjoy the special one on one time together that infant massage has provided for us!


I took Teresa’s infant massage class when my daughter, Leia, was about twelve weeks old. From the very first class, Leia loved the massage. She would calm down instantly and even fell asleep after I was through. Being a first time mom, I loved learning a special way to connect with my daughter. I think the most valuable thing I learned from the class was the stomach massage. I have used it many times and continue to use it when I can tell Leia is uncomfortable. When she was about five months old, we took a road trip. At one of our stops, Leia was very uncomfortable. She was fussy and I could tell her tummy was bothering her. I stood her on my knee and did some of the techniques Teresa had taught me and, as I rubbed, she pooped :). Instantly she felt better and was able to fall asleep in her car seat. Without taking the class I don’t think I would be able to relieve her pain so quickly. Thank you Teresa!


I first met Teresa through our chiropractor when I needed a massage to help relieve some back pain. Since that time our daughter (our second child) was born and has experienced fairly significant discomfort from gas and digestion. As her father I often feel helpless as there isn’t much we can do during these times other than rock her and try to find a comfortable position or her to be in.

While we started down the usual paths of altering my wife’s diet and introducing pro-biotics, we had heard infant massage was another tool many parents found useful to help their children. The first person I thought of was Teresa having seen her mention the infant massage classes in one of her email newsletters. My wife and I decided to give it a try and also brought along our 2 year old son so he could take part as well. The class turned out to be more than we expected and was a great learning experience.

Teresa is an excellent teacher and I was impressed with how well she went with the flow to get though the material while going with the ups and downs of an 8 week old and a two year old who aren’t always cooperative. We found the class to be a great opportunity to learn how massage can be beneficial to our kids and most importantly to learn what “not” to do (very important when it comes to massaging the stomach area).

Since taking the class we have had the opportunity to employ the massage techniques we learned from Teresa on multiple occasions and have been amazed at how much it can help relax our daughter. Being 2 years old our son doesn’t often sit still long enough to want a massage but, the few occasions he has, it was pretty impressive to see how much he enjoyed them and relaxed.

Overall, I see the techniques we learned in the infant massage class as giving us another tool to employ not only as our daughter’s digestion system matures but also, throughout our kids childhoods. I would strongly recommend both Teresa and the infant massage class to others.

John and Cheryl