Yoga & Pilates

Teresa has been teaching in classroom settings, small groups, workshops, and private sessions since 2004.   Teresa offers small group and private yoga and pilates sessions in her exclusive private studio, which is located in a peaceful and rural setting in Gilbert, Arizona. Learn how one-on-one yoga and pilates can benefit and enhance the results of any workout! With private sessions, Teresa personalizes your workout to your fitness level and goals. Browse our Pricing page for packages.

Teresa also leads mini yoga retreats around the Valley where her yoga students enjoy hiking and practice yoga overlooking some of the most beautiful views in the state of Arizona. See our Events & Classes page for more information on upcoming events and retreats.

The practice of Yoga provides a way to temporarily withdraw from the chaos of the world, to find a quiet space within. The asanas (poses) provide opportunities to build physical strength, flexibility, and poise.  Additionally, when performed with a recognition of the present moment, these gentle, yet powerful, movements help to break the self perpetuating stress cycle we often find ourselves in.

Teresa is also excited to announce the official launch of her NEW Online Yoga Video Series. She is a firm believer that yoga is for every BODY. With the release of her video yoga series, you can participate in classes that fit YOUR lifestyle. Take it with you to work, when you travel, or practice in the comfort of your own home. This flexibility will help you reach your fitness goals quicker and easier. Whether you have perfected your yoga poses or have no experience at all, there is a class that fits YOU. Click here to get more details

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Purpose and Benefits of Yoga and Pilates:



    • Fluidity and awareness of movement
    • Mental focus and control over movement
    • Posture- a body that thinks for itself (posture becomes 2nd nature)
    • Ease in performing daily tasks
    • A uniformly developed body


    • Reduces stress
    • Alleviates Chronic Pain
    • Improves quality of sleep
    • Balances body to your healthy weight, encourages weight loss
    • Postural improvement
    • Longer, leaner muscles
    • Improves flexibility physically & mentally
    • Improves range of motion (ROM) while conditioning the overall body
    • Increases productivity at work & home
    • Works on balance & coordination on & off the mat
    • Enhances all athletic activity

Howie’s Yoga Journey

Howie is a massage client of Teresa’s and, after years of body building, realized the need to incorporate yoga into his regular workout routine. Even though he loves the sport of body building, Howie has realized that he is becoming less functional and more achy with everyday actions.

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